About us

Qingdao First Step Group Co., Ltd, founded in 1997, is a world-class footwear organization that specializes in footwear manufacturing as well as footwear brand management. First Step Group owns and operates 7 subsidiary companies and maintains branch locations in many locales.

The manufacturing base is comprised of 5 large suppliers that can produce leather shoes, vulcanized footwear, injection shoes, and cemented sport footwear, to assist with these larger end of line production facilities there are also many supporting factories that are wholly owned that can help with stitching, outsoles, and other footwear components. FSG also operates three main self-owned retail brands with international reach that have seen great sales growth year over year. Importing and exporting of footwear continues to drive growth in all aspects of our business. With a focus on lean manufacturing principles and strict quality control we maintain global comprehensive competitiveness for all footwear categories and continue to strengthen all production efficiencies possible. We have taken the next step into the future by tracking all processes via an ERP system and ensuring all our facilities are “smart factories” that rely on interconnected networking of processes and digitization anywhere available. Now that we have entered the 4.0 era of the global footwear industry, we are well positioned to tackle any challenges and overcome them without disruptions to our business.

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