First Step College is located at Gordon Rush Footwear Co., Ltd and founded in 2019. The campus covers an area of over 1,000 square meters with 10 functional classrooms that can accommodate 200 students simultaneously. The educational philosophy utilizes a multi-functional interactive platform that integrates, hands on training, instructional learning, exchange, exhibition, and dialogue.

Driven by the tenet of “learning, communicating, and sharing” and guided by the philosophy “continuous learning and continuous growth, “First Step College’s mission will cultivate the talents for the future growth of the company. The college provides a platform for internal and external communication, allowing all parties to share the most cutting-edge industry dynamic information, reach more consensus, establish common goals, and move forward hand in hand to achieve a win-win situation for FSG, the students, and all customers.

We sincerely look forward to having more extensive and in-depth exchanges with like-minded friends from around the world at First Step College, so as to establish good cooperative relations and achieve common development goals.

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